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Astrology Report March 28th - New Moon in Aries, Venus and Saturn

New Moon in Aries 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

The beginning of the week we need time & space to ourselves. Major energies are allowing us to transform our strength through letting go of pressure. As we get closer to the New Moon on Friday, we see a lift in spirits and allow our tears to dry and our minds to focus on the ‘next’. Late this week is the perfect time to reveal to yourself what that deep desire is for doing the things that you absolutely love.

Venus Conjunct Saturn on Monday, March 28

The start of this week asks you to purge all of the stress and cortisol that has been boiling in your blood. Shed the toughness in your life, and then give yourself the breathing room to feel the letting go. Spend time early this week in your own space, processing those deep iffy feelings - and have your melancholy playlist at your disposal.

New Moon on Friday, April 1st

Any way you look at it, this New Moon in Aries is giving you a deep time to heal. It is related solely to sharing our toughest experiences and giving space to those experiences in order to heal. Turn over this new leaf, let those past moments that didn’t serve you float away, and start something new - like a new project. And make sure to question old behavious to see if it is still something you want to be doing.

Mercury conjunct Sun on Saturday, April 2

Mercury, ruling thinking patterns/rationality and reasoning, conjoins the Sun on Saturday, bringing about our innermost self expression. You may find yourself getting a bit busy here, sharing your ideas with the world and expressing your truth.

--------------------------- How to Harness New Moon Energy

Reflect- mentally reflect on who you are

Be grateful - mindfully spend time your blessings

Share your heart - gather your closest beings and share

Be supported - find tools for reflection from the universe


Utilize this time to come clean to those you love and share your inner world.


This week, let’s focus:

Mar 28 - tissue box

Mar 29 - cocoon fort

Mar 30 - eyes open

Mar 31 - embrace the details

Apr 1 - New Moon 🌚

Apr 2 - pen + paper

Apr 3 - sit in a garden 🌿


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