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The Healy

The magical device that is making a tidal wave in the world of healing and energetics. The Healy uses micro current frequencies to heal your body and alleviate pain. It is my TOP PICK and something I use in my daily practice.

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Wednesday vitality

A subscription for $8/mo to my personal space where I share learnings, words, meditations,  and thoughts on the universe. 

My adoration for deep thought, writing, and immersive healing has brought me here. And I now offer this to expand myself, with you.

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Personal Birth Chart

An in-depth look at your innermost self; and how you were made in the eyes of the cosmos. The report goes deep into your sun, moon, ascendant signs - and what brings you the most joy + how you operate and function in your life.

This report is 5 pages and will be a reference for whenever you get off track - a reference that you will keep forever.

intention journal jo chunyan

Intuition Journal

A calming guided journaling workbook for creatives, spirited seekers and intentional business owners.

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Oracle Cards

This set of oracle cards will connect you intuitively and help you find balance. Whether it is for a focus for the day or clarity and insight into a particular issue, these cards will help you to shift your energy and life.

lisa powers oracle cards
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Meditation Mat

Modeled after the traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion, Florensi's meditation cushion design has been created to help you in your practice at home. 

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Copal Incense

Organic natural sacred Copal incense, from white copal trees. This copal  from the best quality Organic Copal from ancient sacred trees in Mexican Sierra Madre. The Sacred Copal has been used for spiritual rituals in Mexico and all Mesoamerica for centuries, aiding in healing and connection.

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