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Astrology Report Mar 14th, 2022- Full Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces

The Sun enters into Pisces, and the Moon becomes full in Virgo..

What this means for you.. Rebirth.. through utilizing the movement of poetry, meditation, art and listening to music. And inner peace, knowing that you have known all along.

Moon in Leo, Monday March 14th The moon enters Leo on March 14, bringing us closer to our heart center while inspiring the desire for passion and self-expression. However, when considering the moon's square to rebellious Uranus in this same moment, chances are we're also being called to venture outside of our comfort zone.

Sun in Pisces, Tuesday March 15th

This transit allows for us to find a creative and meaningful solution to long-standing issues we have been having. This transit awakens our spiritual side, where we can better relate to different perspectives that we come across.

Full Moon in Virgo, Friday, March 18th

This Full Moon in Virgo brings you so much alignment, it's hard to believe it's true. The pieces will fall into place - and where you thought there was only chaos, you can instead, in this moment, see the order and elegance of the big picture. This is the moment where we will see all of the hard work we have been putting in actually come to fruition in our relationships and in our endeavours.

Follow your instincts

Full Moon Ritual How to grab that full moon energy.. When we tune into nature, and nature gives us gifts. That's what grabbing this Full Moon energy is all about. With Full Moons, we simple need to acknowledge the power that we feel from it down here on earth. Lean into the magical powers of the Full Moon, and use her energies to help fulfill and complete your growth.



what is it that is no longer serving you?





This week, let’s focus: Mar 14 - heart centre

Mar 15 - get crafty

Mar 16 - get busy living

Mar 17 - balance facts and intuition

Mar 18 - full moon energy

Mar 19 - family first

Mar 20 - clean your room _______________________________________________________ Heal with Lindsay Find out what I can do for you and your intuitive / cosmic self at


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