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Astrology Report February 28th, 2022 - New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

What you need to know this week..

When we tune into nature, nature gives us gifts. That is why we feel into the nature of this New Moon. Let's take time to really be who we are, and be soft with ourselves while this strong cosmic energy is present. It is not a time to manifest, but a time to reflect & know.

New Moon in Pisces - Wednesday, March 2nd

Pisces is a gentle water sign, and this week we have a New Moon emerge within this melty sign. It sends us waves of positivity, and encourages us to get ready for the Spring. Spend your Wednesday doing beautiful acts of kindness for others around you.. especially your partner/lover.

Take time to get into your imagination - this New Moon will give you miraculous downloads for your creativity and for your life. Don't push too much - allow the answers to come to you.

Jupiter and the Sun on Saturday, March 4th

This Saturday, direct your energy toward the positive and proactive. The life-giving Sun is in transit with optimistic Jupiter, creating a space of relatable faith and for simplicity of life. Know that this transit can also bring in an unrestrained energy, so make sure to keep things light and do not let your mind wander into darkness.

How to Harness New Moon Energy

Reflect- mentally reflect on who you are Be grateful - mindfully spend time your blessings Share your heart - gather your closest beings and share Be supported - find tools for reflection from the universe


This week, let’s focus:

Feb 28 - ride the wave

Mar 1 - grasp the Sun

Mar 2 - New Moooon

Mar 3 - gently sleepy

Mar 4 - stay light

Mar 5 - faith for life

Mar 6 - family ties

Remember this New Moon is about reflection and gratitude. Reflect on the support that you have in your life - and surrender into that unknown.


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