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Astrology Report Jan 31st - New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury direct in Capricorn

New Moon in Aquarius, and Mercury stations direct in Capricorn 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

The week ahead brings chance to your doorstep. It will challenge your drive to grab something by the reigns and to make it yours & make it work for you. The opportunity that arises during this time will be yours to snatch up - and it will be flush with successes in your work and business life.

Take this week as it is - a chance for ultimate manifestation - and a test to how serious you are about making moves for your betterment..

New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Feb 1

Tomorrow, we welcome the second New Moon of 2022. With New Moons, we welcome a new set of intentions for the current period. The power that is amplified during this time helps us to create a space of goal-setting and intention clarification. This New Moon in Aquarius gifts us a blank space, one where we can invite a completely new structure and way of doing things - in any way we wish to. Draft up the blueprints of the most expansive and otherworldly plans of your life - dream big.

Mercury direct with Capricorn on Thursday, Feb 3

Mercury direct with Capricorn brings changes and opportunities. It amplifies your ability to analyze and feel inner confidence. Stay flexible, stay open - opportunities will be knocking and if you are ready & willing to grab it - they’ll bring you successes like no other. After a tough Mercury retrograde this time around, Mercury stationing direct in Capricorn will help you to sort out any misunderstandings that this retrograde brought into your life.


Make sure your commitments are seeing you in it for the long game.


This week, let’s focus:

Jan 31 - New moon

Feb 1 - prep + plan

Feb 2 - be right there in it

Feb 3 - confide + stride

Feb 4 - clear it up

Feb 5 - be yourself

Feb 6 - see yourself


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