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Astrology Report Jan 17th, 2022 - Full Moon in Cancer, Sun entering Aquarius

Full Moon in Cancer, Sun enters Aquarius 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

Early this week we get an incredible ‘reset and release’ day that helps us to fully let go of those things that aren’t serving us one bit. The Full Moon in Cancer brings up questions of who we are - what do we really want - and how do we want it.

Take time on Monday through Wednesday to focus in on the Full Moon energy and allow for reflection on the following items : fears/any physical issues you are having/habits you want to let go/people you are ready to step away from.


release old thoughts, in order to re-fill that space with greatness.


This Wednesday, once you are done with your Full Moon release, you have the chance to embrace all of your ’against the grain’ attitudes. Daydreaming, realizations, and far-fetched ideas will float into your space this week so be ready to tie them down and ground them - to keep yourself imaginative, but also a part of this world.

This week, let’s focus:

Jan 17 - full moon 🌚

Jan 18 - send away

Jan 19 - only love

Jan 20 - get zoned out

Jan 21 - return to earth

Jan 22 - a spade is a spade

Jan 23 - flap those wings


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