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Astrology Report Dec 13th, 2021 - Full Moon Energy, Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius and the December Full Moon

What this means for you..

This week you feel the feels that you can take on anything. A fresh perspective puts the wind under your wings and sails. This week’s full moon reminds us to not take ourselves so so seriously (especially after a tougher year we may have just had).

We have always had a choice, and that choise can be to simply remain positive through everything we do. This week we will find this mantra integrating into our lives with immense ease, in a carefree way. Let’s do, see, explore, create - all with lightness in our hearts.

Courage and focus are increased this week. Grab it - grab it all.

The full moon is bright and beautiful in gemini this Saturday, Dec 18th. It asks us to remember to asses the way we have been communicating and learning since June of this year. How have you been connecting with others? Use this full moon energy to grab some new networking ‘ah-ha’s’!


keep it light Monday - and bring in self-praise Wednesday through Sunday


Full Moon Manifesting

Focus on how you’re connecting

- write down your desires

- visualize that desire being true

- allow the full moon power to boost your manifestation

A little space..

we operate in faith or fear. which space do you want to grow through?


This week, let’s focus:

Dec 13 - gives you wings

Dec 14 - hop in your step

Dec 15 - words with meaning

Dec 16 - body language

Dec 17 - stand tall

Dec 18 - full moon 🌚

Dec 19 - bask baby bask

Remember to share your truth. Take a quick moment (2 minutes) to share your thoughts today with your people.


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