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Astrology Report Oct 24th, 2021 - Mars + Mercury in Libra

Mars + Mercury in Libra, Mercury opposing Chiron 🌑 ✨

Now until October 28: Mercury Opposing Chiron: You may notice that people around you are reflecting your pain. Remember that you have the power to heal not only yourself, but others as well.

Now until October 30: Mars is in Libra Your diplomatic instincts aren’t wrong - settle into your deep considerations, and share these with your partner, or fit these into your business endeavours.

Now until Nov 5: Venus is in Sagittarius You crave further spiritual and emotional learning in another human being, yearning to meditate on the meaning of life out loud, with a flirtier subtext - and not pulling ideas out of thin air, but instead finding them in others.

Now until Nov 5: Mercury in Libra The call here is to find your play. Mercury in Libra asks you to find the simple pleasures in life, like adult colouring books, and open up your creativity. It is a very chatty time, so join in with friends for plans. What do you want to create, what deserves your indulgence?


what deserves your indulgence?


This week, let’s focus:

Oct 25 - spa day + self love

Oct 26 - energy rush

Oct 27 - cuddle time

Oct 28 - keep emotions safe

Oct 29 - warm cozy cocoa

Oct 30 - desire & take action

Oct 31 - thrust into the day


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