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Astrology Report Jan 10th - Mars in Sag, Mercury in Retrograde

Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury in Retrograde Jan 14th 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

Early this week we get a taste of Mars in Sagittarius, bringing some challenge, and possibly revealing to you illusions you've been living in. It allows you to rid of any *rainbow coloured glasses* and see the truth of what is happening around you. Mars in Sag is a very fiery transition, and wants us to be in our masculine and go, run, fly, do, see.. anything to get us moving.

Remember to reflect on the way you're doing things in this transition - is there space in your life to streamline your ideas? Is it better to get yourself to detach, in the name of your own sanity and productivity?

Mercury in Retrograde

This will be the first retrograde of 2022 - from January 14th until February 3rd. Mercury brings up emotions in the areas of our lives that include communication, information, logic - but Mercury retrogrades can create scrambles in these areas, and a turned down tempo of all of our doings.

In Mercury retrograde, don't forget to look at all of the details when signing the dotted line. Travel plans can easily be affected in this slowed down space.


rest + relaxation this week, and no electronic purchases


This week, let’s focus:

Jan 10 - warmth of the fire

Jan 11 - amidst the fire

Jan 12 - no impulses

Jan 13 - kick butt

Jan 14 - freaky Friday

Jan 15 - retrograde 🌑

Jan 16 - keep calm + carry on


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