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Astrology Report Feb 14th - Mercury in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo

Mercury enters into Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo

What this means for you..

Mercury has now gotten used to being out of retrograde, and today it is entering into the sweet spot of Aquarius. We turn our genius towards really tuning into what our needs are in our social systems and our circles. Revert back to the deep questions that you were asking in January, and begin to allow yourself to shout the answers at the to of your lungs. Conversations to be had are about all of the possibilities, and conceptual greatness.

Full Moon in Leo, Wednesday February 16th This full moon n Leo brings us some fuel for our fire. It asks up deeply and truly to accept all that is around us - whether it is about yourself, or about others. It is a great time to let go of any grudges you've been holding onto or any judgements you perceive. Share the warmth, and sustain your flow energy.

Share the warmth, and accept all beings

Full Moon Rituals

How to grab that full moon energy..

When we tune into nature, and nature gives us gifts. That's what grabbing this Full Moon energy is all about. With Full Moons, we simple need to acknowledge the power that we feel from it down here on earth.

Releasing- physically cleansing your body of old energies

Shower, bath, jump in that cold ass lake

Manifesting - setting goals and intentions for the upcoming cycle

Releasing- emotionally cleansing your mind-space

Self care - relaxation and feeling into the new space

This week, let’s focus:

Feb 14 - love shack baby

Feb 15 - share all

Feb 16 - Full Moon

Feb 17 - crafts & arts

Feb 18 - remember remember

Feb 19 - conceptualize

Feb 20 - forgive + receive


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