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Astrology Report Feb 7th - All planets direct, Pluto and Mercury pass

All planets stationed direct 🌑 ✨

What this means for you.. This is the first week of 2022 where we have no planets in retrograde. They have all stationed direct, and are giving us the time and energy to recover from the retrogrades we have endured over the past weeks. This week you will find yourself feeling lighter because of this break in chaos and heaviness.

This week you will be given the gift of getting your head right - so lock in your target and shoot for the bulls eye. Manifest what you want through your own inspired action. Make what you want a reality!

Pluto and Mercury on Friday, Feb 11

Mercury passes by Pluto Friday, helping us to find the buried truths in our conversations. In some cases, we have the courage to bring up the intel we learnt in retrograde - and send it off into the wind in words, or on paper with ink.

With this reveal of what’s behind the draped curtain, we show it, we appreciate it, and we allow it to slowly fly away with our passing emotions.. forever to be seen as a hat that was in season and simply now is not. This week, let’s focus: Feb 7 - get your beat back Feb 8 - make music Feb 9 - aim for the sky Feb 10 - play in your way Feb 11 - feel it fly 💨 Feb 12 - affirm & learn Feb 13 - treat yo’self

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