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Astrology Report Dec 6th, 2021 - Sun + Mercury in Sagittarius

The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

What this means for you..

The Sun being in Sagittarius this week (and also last week) brings us to seek something larger than ourselves - a connection to the bigger picture. We increase our understanding of the things around us, and this energy allows us to gain the courage to branch out into new ways of thinking. Not focusing on the tiny details, we lunge forward with confidence and faith in that’s coming next.

This energy helps to creat perfect mix with the (just-passed) New Moon Total Eclipse. All about new beginnings and being ready for anything.

Mercury amplifies the need for the big picture by passing through Sagittarius this week - and giving us the want to learn about a large range of topics. We look forward with a stronger faith, and recognizing what is fair in the world. Big big big picture stuff.


big picture / real-world concepts + ideas


Positive Thinking

Focus on the goodness + confidence in yourself..

The Moon in Capricorn, conjunct with Pluto, brings some self doubted-ness to our week. The best thing to do is to recognize that this energy is coming from the cosmos, and that you can allow this to pass. Although, to recognize if there are things coming up for you in this area this week that are deeper - they could help you grow a lot. If you need to reflect on in this area, place focus on self love + self confidence.

A little note..

Coming Down off of the New Moon (from last week)

Finish up the details of what was started / revealed to you last week. Consider recent discoveries about yourself, what they mean to you, and what your next steps may be. Tie up the inventory in your life, reflect, and let go of things if necessary. Recognize what does & doesn’t work for you.


This week, let’s focus:

Dec 6 - reflect/release

Dec 7- stay true (no impulses)

Dec 8 - finish projects

Dec 9 - don’t commit more if not able

Dec 10 - walk away

Dec 11 - flowers bloom (so do you)

Dec 12 - lazy Sunday

Remember to reflect in gratitude. Take a quick moment (2 minutes) to listen to this gratitude meditation.


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