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Astrology Report Nov 22nd, 2021 - Eclipse Season, Mercury in Sagittarius

Eclipse Rush + Arrows of Epiphany with Mercury in Sagittarius ✨

What this means for you..

Last week marked the entrance into Eclipse season which is going to continue for the weeks ahead. The Nov 19th Lunar Eclipse expressed new beginnings and renewal (even though it was extremely tough at times and felt like an earthquake under us). It brought many of us to a place of harsh realization, or exhaustion - and many of us to a place of production and nonstop output. Very much focused in the doing.

This week, still being in that deep Eclipse energy (up until the next Eclipse on Dec 4th), we need to hold our position in being mindful of allowing that Lunar Eclipse dust to settle. It will be important this week to give ourselves extra extra self care - because this one is a wild ride into our inner questions.

Find the space this week to take slow, slow steps.

Wednesday you may find yourself seeking for truth, as Mercury enters Sagittarius. This infectious dance seems to always bring up a desire to learn. It also will push you to expand your boundaries & for you to expand the boundaries of others.


focus on filling up your cup this week with down time


Eclipse Season

Eclipses tend to speed up the inevitable in our lives. Like quitting that job you've wanted to quit for a while, or finally kicking something into gear you've been dreaming up.

Eclipses are magic for that. They want you to live your life and they give you the boost you need in that right direction.(where you were already headed, but slooooower).


Nov 19th (Passed) - Lunar Eclipese

Lunar Eclipses are tied with emotions so you most likely looked at your inner climate with a different point of view.

This eclipse last week marked the beginning of an entire new Eclipse cycle, ranging until October 2023. Many of the eclipses over the next two years take pace with Taurus-Scorpio, just like our Eclipse last week.. This astrological duo places focus on intimacy + stability. So these two concepts are likely to go on a different path for you over the next two years.

Dec 4th (Next week) - Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses give us a compelling push to take serious action and rise to challenges.

This Eclipse series actually started back in 2020. The Gemini-Saggitarius duo of this Eclipse series has highlighted community, philosophy, and expansion. Think back to these months in the past two years (June 2020, Nov 2020,Dec 2020, May 2021, June 2021). Do any of these months show you an extensive learning on these themes?

This week, let’s focus:

Nov 22 - turn to loved ones

Nov 23 - yourself 1st

Nov 24 - console your heart

Nov 25 - energizer bunny

Nov 26 - expand, friend

Nov 27 - change lanes

Nov 28 - twist & shout

Remember ✨ we'e in Eclipse season, and still processing last week's energies of the Lunar Eclipse. Focus on the report from last week to gain a better understanding.


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