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Astroloy Report Nov 8th, 2021 - Scorpio Season Up Ahead

Scorpio season ♏︎

*Disclaimer: Scorpio season *

Now through Nov 10: Moon in Capricorn You may feel a closeness to what gives you a feeling of security - drawn to the need for comfort and safety. Try to find this safe space in music, or comedy, and work to soften your heart.

Now through Nov 22: Sun in Scorpio Following last week’s New Moon in Scorpio, we think perhaps we are out of the deeps depths of this sign - but we are still very much in the magic of it. Unlike the Moon in Scorpio, the Sun in Scorpio brings us into our depths, with a new-found pride of wearing these shadows like a new luxe outfit to the outside world. We suddenly become these emotions, embracing their extraordinary traits that make us, us. And flaunt it with confidence. It is mystery, it is sexy, and it is our new richness of our lives. Do not resist being in this magical character - your heart will thank you later.

Now through Nov 23: Mercury in Scorpio What a time to be alive! Scorpio is bringing all of ickiness to the surface with our utmost acceptance. Mercury in Scorpio helps us to observe every detail; digging into the heart of every moment and every feeling. We invite others in, to join us in these present moments of fascinating reflection and concurrent understanding.


scorpio shows us the shadows we need to see


This week, let's focus on :

Monday Nov 8 - Express your love
Tuesday Nov 9 - Accept their outlook
Wednesday Nov 10 - Unconventional awakening
Thursday ` Nov 11 - Volcanic release
Friday Nov 12 - Control impulses
Saturday Nov 13 - Constructive rebellion
Sunday Nov 14 - Howl into a pillow


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