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Astrology Report Nov 29th, 2021 - New Moon Total Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse December 3, with New Moon Dec 4th ✨

Total solar eclipse Friday, Dec 3rd, 11:29pm CST until Saturday, Dec 4th, 00:29am CST.

New Moon December 4th, 1:43am CST

What this means for you..

This New Moon Eclipse brings us back to the seeds that we planted in May of 2020. A lot has happened since then, right? This end of the Eclipse in Sagittarius-Gemini, which brings us here - to a new destiation. A time to recognize + ask for abundance. Something new and integral is now brought into our lives - allowing us to be fully reborn + directed. You may now see a pattern on there the Universe is guiding you during this time; where it is asking you to level up.

A New Moon Total Eclipse is one of the most powerful Eclipses we can experience.

During this New Moon, both Mercury and Neptune are active - possibly revealing some new concepts, or revealing some new information. More specifically, the New Moon is Conjunct Mercury - bringing attention to our thinking and communication. We will feel together and grounded during this New Moon, as well as a burst of energy towards life. This Solar Eclipse also brings support to heal relationships that may be broken, as it caresses you during these tougher conversations.

Leading up to this Eclipse (on Friday around mid-night), the week opens with a pep in your step + an open mind with the Moon in Libra. As we move towards Wednesday, an overwhelming need to get your to-do list checked will arise - but stay clam, young grasshopper (this shall pass).


get ready to reach the destination you've been aiming for, for the last year and a half


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse Considerations

How to feel into that total solar eclipse energy..

When we tune into nature, nature gives us gifts. That is why we feel into the nature of this Eclipse season. Eclipses can be extremely tough (as we learnt from Nov 19th Lunar Eclipse), so let's take time to really be who we are, and be soft with ourselves while this strong cosmic energy is present. It is not a time to manifest, but a time to reflect & know. Since we have arrived at the end of this Eclipse season... lets bask in it.

Reflect- mentally reflect on who you are

Be grateful - mindfully spend time your blessings

Share your heart - gather your closest beings and share

Be supported - find tools for reflection from the universe

.🌑. .🌑. .🌑.

Total Solar Eclipse Love

When processing during this TSE, reflect. Reflect, reflect, reflect! Look at where you have come from, and where you are - and where you're going. All possibilities for the future are on the table, and we are being brought to the gates of new expansion.

Eclipses opens up new doors, while closing others shut. Sometimes they can be quite jarring, however, they promise success. They offer a sped-up version of ourselves, which is catapulting us into what was always inevitably going to happen.

Expect the unexpected and accept the unknown.


This week, let’s focus:

Nov 29 - consider all things

Nov 30 - walk this way

Dec 1 - focus on, in calm

Dec 2 - step into self

Dec 3 - prep your pages

Dec 4 - reflect, reclaim 🌑

Dec 5 - grati-tat-tat-tat-tatitude

Remember this Eclipse is about reflection and gratitude. Reflect on the lunar eclipse from 2 weeks ago, and surrender into that unknown.


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