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Astrology Report December 27th, 2021 - New Year/Moon, Jupiter in Pisces, Mercury + Pluto

Happy New Year! Jupiter enters Pisces, Mercury merges with Pluto✨

What this means for you..

This week marks the last week of the year 2021 - as we prepare to enter into 2022, there are a few things we need to 'tie up' and release.

On Tuesday, Jupiter enters into Pisces - being the planet of abundance and growth, Jupiters energy is illuminated by Pisces with a spotlight on spiritual inclinations and endless empathy. With these energies pulled together for this week, we are given a gift of ease and love to help us package up 2021 and send it on its way.

Accept that we are all connected, and give love in abundance.

Thursday we see Mercury grab onto the energy of Pluto - which continues to help you see your shadow side (one we have become familiar with this last month). This time, Mercury gives us the push into rebirth, bringing with us what we have learned about ourselves, and allowing us to take this into our future and be put to good use. Be weary, though - Pluto's energy focuses in tightly on whatever you put your mind to - so ensure to keep your focus on what you really want to achieve and see, and not on the opposite.

Rebirth and growth.

Saturday we enter into a New Year (Jan 1) with the New Moon occurring the day just after (Jan 2nd). This is the perfect time to journal on all of the moments that brought you joy in 2021, and to focus ahead on the things that you want - and to set your intentions for wanted experiences in the upcoming year, and for your needs.

With it being Capricorn season, this sets the stage with the perfect energy to plan for and achieve your top goals in your career, as well as setting down a schedule for your goals. The energy this week helps you to see clearly on the tasks at hand - which, when completed, will ultimately lead to your successes.

New Moon

How to feel into that new moon energy..

Reflect- mentally reflect on who you are

Be grateful - mindfully spend time your blessings

Intend - do the things you do with purpose


This week, let’s focus:

Dec 27 - reflect

Dec 28 - spiritual love

Dec 29 - sit in your heart

Dec 30 - shadow + light worker

Dec 31 - wrap it up & send it

Jan 1 - New Year, new you

Jan 2 - new moon = intend

Remember ✨ with a New Moon (Sunday) on the horizon, we set intentions for our future. A perfect time to do so with the New Year starting on Saturday!


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