We have the ability to heal ourselves,
from within.


- This Highest Self - 

Distant, at-home coaching with Lindsay

- bi-weekly Intuitive Healing Sessions
- weekly at-home healing practices from  Lindsay 
- support from Lindsay through messaging system/voice notes

This is your toolkit to healing and happiness.
To transforming yourself to the 
you you always dreamed of. No more daydreaming about possible business ideas, or struggling with personal relationships.

With This Highest Self, we simply shed the old ways
of thought through healing and
welcome an entirely new and driven life.

One filled with purpose and peace.


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This Highest Self 

. . .

Gives you the space and structure that you have been seeking for yourself. To explore your inner workings, with guided support. 


It gives you the extra push to actually

take that 'me-time'.

It provides you with everything you will need to find yourself. Especially the commitment to a better you.

Get invested in yourself.

Get invested in your well-being.

Because, at the end of the day, you become better for you, and consequently better for everyone else as well.

Even for your business.

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This Highest Self

Let's release stale ways of thought, and open you up to a whole new you. One that is free of doubt and restrictions.

  • No more day-dreaming about your best life

  • No more wondering your purpose in life

  • No more self-help research & reading

Find your level up with This Highest Self

And live it.


the guidance you'll get...

Intuitive Healing

The Meta-Physical

The Mental

The Extras

Bi-weekly Intuitive Healing Readings, to shine a light on the emotions you are releasing (or needing to be released), and to focus on further healing.

A guided look into your absolute being, based on the ailments on and in your body, on the emotional happenings in your life, and what the universe is telling you through each daily interaction.

Journal entries that will instigate your own unique thoughts and perspectives, to give you better knowledge of you. As well, ongoing affirmations and exercises to help you manifest and feel your ideal self, and ideal life.

Extra, important happenings and learnings to give you thought-provoking spiritual guidance, and readings to support your learning (articles, poems, speakings, etc.)

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This Highest Self
One month
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Highest Self

This Highest Self
Start up Package

This Highest Self Program
(1 month)


Lindsay Rice
Coaching Call

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Woman Meditating

Highest Self

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Hey, I'm Lindsay

Your healer and guide.