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Astrology Report Nov 15th, 2021 - Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 19th 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

The Full Moon in Taurus this week will feel like we were on a gentle stroll, and came upon a dense thorn bush that we are trying to thrash through. But with the easiness that Pluto brings to the mix helps to bring us renewal in this exchange (and relief of past programming). Remember gently that you can always that find the path less taken around that dense bush you have come across.

There is always a time for moving forward, without worry.

That time is now.

The Moon in Taurus allows us to feel change and evolution, and be OK with shedding the things that we no longer believe in or feel are no longer suiting us. Mercury is also in Scorpio during this Full Moon, hitting us with new truths and new understanding with a new point of view. Watch out for any hunches and gut feelings you have had lately as they may gain recognition during this time.


this time is about renewal and shedding the old “i know’s”


Full Moon Rituals

How to grab that full moon energy..

When we tune into nature, and nature gives us gifts. That's what grabbing this Full Moon energy is all about. With Full Moons, we simple need to acknowledge the power that we feel from it down here on earth.

Releasing- physically cleansing your body of old energies

Releasing- emotionally cleansing your mind-space

Manifesting - setting goals and intentions for the upcoming cycle

Self care - relaxation and feeling into the new space

.🌑. .🌑. .🌑.

Lunar Eclipse Love

With a lunar eclipse, the sun is (obviously) in perfect opposition of the moon. With this direct line between the two, we find that our home, intimate relationships and family all come into magnified focus. Issues like home versus working, and what you may need versus what you want may come up.

Don’t let this become a crisis and drain your energy. Use your incredible intuition and emotional strength to find space in personal relationships. Use your overflowing energy (after you’ve filled up your own bucket) to give to those around you at work and in play. Since this is a Full Moon remember to focus towards the consciousness that is available now in this cosmic energy and surrender into that unknown.

Surrender into that unknown.



This week, let’s focus:

Nov 15 - party it up

Nov 16 - tough love

Nov 17 - crumble & surrender

Nov 18 - hot love

Nov 19 - renewal 🌑 eclipse

Nov 20 - crafty mind

Nov 21 - breathe in slow

Remember ✨ were still in Scorpio season so continue to focus on last week’s report up until the 22nd of November.


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