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Astrology Report Nov 1st, 2021 - New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio 🌑 ✨

Photo by Jens Fine Art.

The New Moon The New Moon. A time of new beginnings. A time to let go of all of the things that are not serving your higher self, and to have clarity over what you want to create over the next two weeks. Set your manifestations for this Thursday, and be ready.

…in Scorpio This deeply spiritual and energetically connected Scorpio will allow this New Moon to show us more of our intuition, and allow us to get deep into our feelings. Scorpio asks us to look at our shadow, and dig into the realities we have been hiding from ourselves. Get real with your dark side. Try transforming that pain you hold onto, into power. Uncover what is hidden deep inside by looking for your weaknesses. Reflect on them and ask yourself where they come from. This time may bring up unexpected twists, but this moon is known to bring outcomes rich with magic.

Your timeline this week:

Monday through Wednesday - cleanse yourself. Find essential oils that speak to you, and use them to cleanse. Frankinsense & Lavendar, are both great. Take a bath, or shower, to rid your body of old and stale energy to prepare for the New Moon.

Thursday through Saturday - Write down your intentions. You have two days from when a New Moon occurs to set your intentions for the moon cycle. Your intentions could include any goals or manifestations for your life. “I am …”. Get deep with your intentions here. Ask for all that you want.


⁺₊⋆ new moons = intention setting


This week, let’s focus:

Nov 1 - eccentricity is accepted

Nov 2 - defend your walls

Nov 3 - deep interactions

Nov 4 - self-acceptance

Nov 5 - well-being & goodwill

Nov 6 - focus on thinking

Nov 7 - peace


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