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Astrology Report March 7th, 2022 - Mercury in Pisces, Sun conjoins Neptune

Mercury enters Pisces, Sun conjoins Neptune 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

This week you wait be able to escape the ultra sensory perception you have, tapping into that deep knowing and those feels. Keep your dream journal nearby, as this week is one to stay intuitive and record your deepest desires.

Mercury enters Pisces on Wednesday, March 9th

Mercury enters Pisces on Wednesday, and reminds us that emotions and reasoning are eternal flames. In order to understand emotions, we must use the power of the messenger of reason to translate. Feelings that are not supported by your mind are not quite easy to follow or decipher.

Sun conjoins Neptune on Sunday, March 13th

This week the Sun brings you to a sensitive space, heightening your empathy and your intuition with Neptune. Notice that its better to be alone than to be around those who may negatively effect your mood, or drain your energy. Set your boundaries this week and keep the vibes high.


Bubble yourself and take cover this week.


This week, let’s focus:

Mar 7 - find lost objects

Mar 8 - complex conversations

Mar 9 - sing in the shower

Mar 10 - long hugs

Mar 11 - love. period.

Mar 12 - poetry

Mar 13 - boundaries


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