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Astrology Report Jan 3rd, 2021 - Jupiter in Pisces Transition, Venus sextiles Neptune

Beginning on 2022, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus sextiles Neptune ✨

What this means for you..

We are beautifully getting deeper into Capricorn. Can you feel it? The Super Moon yesterday brought us the ability to get focused on what we want for the year ahead in the area of career and goals - and this energy is still able to be captured today and tomorrow in a big way. If you haven’t, write down your wildest, truest, deepest dreams and feel into them. There is magic in the air that may just help this all come true.

Jupiter is in Pisces - since Dec 28 until May 10, 2022.

This transit of Jupiter into Pisces further amplifies the gift of giving you all that you need & want. Jupiter - the planet of intentions and opportunity/luck - fits nicely with Pisces - the planet of your internal compass - to allow us this intense focus on supporting your deepest desires. From now until May, show the world what you’ve got and put your hands in to the areas in life you deeply want to explore + expand.

This transit will happen again for a brief period at the end of 2022 - and it won’t happen again for another decade.


go further into your deepest dreams and ask for anything your heart desires

the time is now



Venus sextiles Neptune on Wednesday this week, bringing a beautiful divinity and synchronicity help to lead the way out of the darkness - so look to the shadows and don’t be scared.

This week, let’s focus:

Jan 3 - residual energy

Jan 4 - fresh flowers 🌸

Jan 5 - art & creation

Jan 6 - journal all things

Jan 7 - love notes to self

Jan 8 - heart manifesto

Jan 9 - boundaries

Remember this Super New Moon at the beginning of 2022 has set the stage for deep deep manifesting and goal setting. Do yourself a favour and write down all the things you desire with this manifestation guide .


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