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Astrology Report Feb 21st - Mars sextiles Neptune, Mercury squares Uranus

Mars sextiles Neptune, Mercury squares Uranus 🌑

What this means for you..

Mercury, still in Aquarius, is continuing to shed light on all of the conversations to be had are about all of the possibilities your life holds, and your conceptual greatness.

However, this week the planet squares with Uranus on the 24th (Thursday) and the two play with the power of lightning.

This transit asks you to appreciate all of the oddities within you, and to detatch. Allow yourself to free-associate - and mind-map out your life. Recognize all of connections you have, and where all of your branches in your tree are attached to. Who is there? What do they have to share? Open up your mind to allow more influence from the external, and to allow your connections to feel easy and free.

Mars sextiles Neptune Wed, Feb 23rd

Before you get to feel the electricity of Uranus and Mercury, you have some strife with Mars sextiling Neptune - a transit that has you making 100% sure you are listening to your inner self when telling the world about who you really are, and what you really stand for.

This week, let’s focus:

Feb 21 - clear lungs

Feb 22 - what is your greatest fear?

Feb 23 - silent meditation

Feb 24 - be free

Feb 25 - hear yourself

Feb 26 - duck duck goose

Feb 27 - share life 🌎


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