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Astrology Report Dec 20th, 2021 - Winter Solstice and Christmas Season

Christmas indulgence (+relaxation), Winter Solstice starting line✨

What this means for you..

This week, leading up to Christmas will have us feeling extra chill (no pun intended ❄️). And we should see this as a good thing; since the chillness allows for us to hold on to those moments and allow for deep, deep bonding to happen. Spending time with the family? Time to get real and discuss nostalgic moments and reminisce on the good times. Bring out the photo books or the old video camera - and enjoy.

Spend this time relaxing and enjoying the holiday - no big decisions or change this week, please. All things merry + bright. 🎄

The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice occurs Tuesday, December 21st and is the shortest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs at the beginning of Capricorn season - which brings a focus this winter on hard work + discipline. At the same time, the moon will be transiting through Cancer - which gives us strong feelings of nostalgia and makes us more sentimental and sensitive to our emotions.


feel cozy, comforted and warm this week


This week, let’s focus:

Dec 20 - both feet on ground

Dec 21 - early sleep 🌚

Dec 22 - step by step

Dec 23 - couch + potatoes

Dec 24 - breathe deep

Dec 25 - Christmas cheer 🎄🎅🏻

Dec 26 - bask in love⚡️

Happy holidays ✨ Wishing you ALL THE BEST this Christmas!

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