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Astrology Report April 3rd, 2022 - Mars conjunct Saturn, Venus in Pisces

Mars conjunct Saturn, Venus in Pisces 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

This week we have a small ‘moment‘ of toughness to start us off, and glide into the soft and sweet release of Venus entering Pisces. Mercury dances with a few planets at the end of the week to bring focus on a few aspects of our lives.

Mars conjunct Saturn Tuesday, April 4th

Tuesday is a day for milestones - it is a day to check in with the story you’ve been writing since 2020. Mars brings you action - while Saturn demands plans and maturity. Allow this energy from the cosmos to set you up for where you belong today - in that monumental space that you've been cultivating. Don’t get caught up in stress, instead use this to build your next new cycle.

Venus enters Pisces Wednesday, April 5th

We will begin to feel more love-driven and more creative as the heart sign Venus enters Pisces this week. Our romantic lives will get a positive push in the right direction. Embrace fantasy, embrace love, embrace dreams - and bask in this rainbow-coloured space you will be in.

Mercury Dances with Planets this Weekend

With transits including Saturn, Mars, and Pluto - we can spend some time this weekend in stillness, reflecting on our limitations and the ability to push ourselves past those limitations, our endurance and how we can surprise ourselves with our own resiliency sometimes, and what our deep desires are when it comes to helping or fixing social systems.


get real + driven, then get airy and float awY


This week, let’s focus:

Apr 3 - cruise baby, cruise

Apr 4 - ink your next wants

Apr 5 - embrace magic

Apr 6 - humble being 🌚

Apr 7 - push and pull

Apr 8 - keep going

Apr 9 - what is your narrative?


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