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Astrology Report April 25th, 2022 - Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Pluto Retrograde

Mercury sextile Jupiter, Pluto Retrograde, Solar Eclipse in Taurus 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

This week is one for the books. With the Taurus Solar Eclipse this Saturday being one with absolutely no negatively opposing signs, we are in for a beautifully supported time - with focuses on positive change and embracing the push forward.

Mercury sextile Jupiter Wednesday, April 27th

This energy creates the perfect space to plan for your future - it provides you with positive thinking - a broad outlook - and hones in your decision making skills to really capture what you are desiring. Solicializing during this time will make conversations rich and fulfilling.

Pluto Retrograde Friday, April 29th

A great moment to take all of the things you've been wanting to stop doing (bad habits, ex), and to transform them into something better. When you let these things go, this energy will help you get higher vibrations moving and it will allow you to grow exponentially, spiritually.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus Saturday, April 30th

A solar eclipse is is when the Moon darkens the Sun. This particular eclipse happens in Taurus, with positive connections to both Mars and Uranus. This means we will see positive improvement in our lives (whatever positive change you may want to see), and following your most passionate desires. Mars compliments us with confidence and Uranus brings us change and excitement. Take the time during this Solar Eclipse to start a new project, or make a fresh start.


This is the week to jump into your new project.


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse Considerations

How to feel into that total solar eclipse energy..

When we tune into nature, nature gives us gifts. That is why we feel into the nature of this Eclipse season. Eclipses can be extreme, so let's take time to really be who we are, and be soft with ourselves while this strong cosmic energy is present. It is not a time to manifest, but a time to reflect & know.

Reflect- mentally reflect on who you are

Journal, write creatively, ponder the world

Be grateful - mindfully spend time your blessings

Be supported - find tools for reflection from the universe

Share your heart - gather your closest beings and share

This week, let’s focus:

Apr 25 - call on your angels

Apr 26 - fill with knowledge

Apr 27 - where will you be in 5 yrs?

Apr 28 - let one bad habit go today

Apr 29 - what's your deepest desire?

Apr 30 - collect yourself

May 1 - start new


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