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Astrology Report April 18th, 2022 - Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury with Saturn and Neptune

Venus sextile Uranus, ame Mercury dances with Saturn and Neptune 🌑 ✨

What this means for you..

This week we enter into a fun-filled space with creative energy at the forefront, and we end off this week with a bit of homework to keep us real and grounded and humble.

Venus sextile Uranus, Monday April 18th

The transit always bring some fun and excitement into your social life and your love life. You may seem to bring some flair to the table in a loving way, including some creative or artistic or fashionable style that is just your own. This mode will attract equally interesting people, who are as eager and willing to take a risk as you are. See where it goes.

Sun Square Pluto, Monday April 18th

A strong will to be in control will rush over you with this transit - which may lead you to ego conflicts or some sort of issue that may lead you right into a corner you can’t get out of. Try to seek the why of why you need that control - it will help you to heal this space and allow for things to feel way more relaxed.

This weekend : Mercury squares Saturn on Friday, April 23rd, and then sextiles Neptune on Saturday, April 25th (both stay here until Tuesday of next week)

The transit in Saturn will bring some difficulty in your communication space - you will find it harder to get your thoughts across because a more negative-scoped view has been placed over them. Pay attention to detail and focus on your words. The transit on Saturday into Neptune bring some healing to your words, as a contrast to the Saturn transit. Compassion is in your verbal aura, making it better for relationships, and it is allowing you to seem more comforting.


The control center of your life is attitude.


This week, let’s focus:

Apr 18 - allow for fun

Apr 19 - dance when you wake

Apr 20 - seriously, why?

Apr 21 - calm

Apr 22 - where is your heart?

Apr 23 - let that thing go

Apr 24 - attention to details


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