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Astrology Report April 11th, 2022- Full Moon in Libra, Sun sextile Saturn

The Sun has fun with Saturn, and the Moon becomes full in Libra..

Photo by Jens Fine Art.

What this means for you.. The energy of this Tuesday has us deep in our own spirit, but able to work very well with the capacity that we can hold in our hands. This week's Full Moon gives us space to be, and trust.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune, Tuesday, April 12th

This transit last happened 165 years ago , where Jupiter (planet of luck, fortune, abundance) and Neptune (planet of subconscious dreams, art, entertainment) find themselves dancing within magical Pisces (the dreamy + enchanting water sign).

This transit gives us the space to explore our spirituality and spiritual beliefs - Jupiter and Neptune help us to better understand esoteric concepts and thoughts. You can more easily absorb a spectrum of concepts, and therefore can bring them into view, together, and create a baseline for your philosophical system. Not a great time for business deals, so instead jump into dreaming, meditation, and reflection.

Sun sextile Saturn, Tuesday, April 12th

The energy of this transit has us checking off tasks and placing our focus on the serious goals we have set. This very driven and accomplishing energy gives us an opportunity to meet our goals face to face, after having planned them for however long we have. Your timing is right, and you can organize like a pro.

Full Moon in Libra, Saturday, April 16th

This Full Moon in Libra has also been labeled at 'The Pink Moon', because it seems to have us looking through rose-coloured glasses. Trust your intuition through this full moon, and enter into a state of trusting the universe - no matter what happens over this time. Allow the Libra energy in this full moon to ground you in a space of ease, and soften the edges of any tough moments.

Trust your universe


Full Moon Ritual How to grab that full moon energy.. When we tune into nature, and nature gives us gifts. That's what grabbing this Full Moon energy is all about. With Full Moons, we simple need to acknowledge the power that we feel from it down here on earth. Lean into the magical powers of the Full Moon, and use her energies to help fulfill and complete your growth.



what is it that is no longer serving you?





This week, let’s focus: Apr 11 - pleasures of the moment

Apr 12 - spirit, drive and fortune

Apr 13 - alignment

Apr 14 - return tomorrow

Apr 15 - write your releases

Apr 16 - trusting care

Apr 17 - float on thought _______________________________________________________ Heal with Lindsay Find out what I can do for you and your intuitive / cosmic self at


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