The Freedom Program
Starry Night

It's your world, it's your schedule.


A downloadable, self-paced

for your heart

Release yourself.
Re-learn yourself.
Redefine yourself.

Get deep and discover you.

On your own time.

i promise...

what you'll use...

Texts & Lessons

Journal Prompts



Hand-crafted, extremely grounded and wholesome words to re-arrange your world. The Freedom lessons will bring you through a step-by-step schedule on how to improve your daily life, and the lives around you.

Journal entries that will instigate your own unique thoughts and perspectives, to provide a deeply intuitive experience. Re-learn you, understand your strengths, and see your beautiful life through a brand new, sparkling pair of glasses.

Videos with me, Lindsay Rice, where I will gently provide you with guidance and understanding of your own heart.

Exercises for you to quiet your mind. To retreat internally, back into your highly intelligent body, to find all of the absolute answers - ones that will guide you through your entire journey.