The Intuitive Coaching Program
with  Lindsay Rice

 For those ready to brilliantly shine 

DISCLAIMER: This program is ONLY for those ready to make a serious commitment to themselves and to this program.

The Deets

Weekly 1-On-1

24/7 Support

Weekly Practices

Weekly calls with me to deep dive into your thoughts, emotions, feelings and intuition about life. We embark on an inner journey into your deepest desires and goals for your life, and work towards creating that reality.

Access to me, for questions and requests 24/7. This is offered through the WhatsApp messaging system, where I will be there for you in some of the moments you really need insight and help.

Weekly practices for you to take home for additional healing and exploration: including journal prompts, personal astrological insights/guiding words, articles for education,  creative literature and courses for further learning + more..

Black and White Flower

supported, held, healed, taught, released, and brought back to   you

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 9.15.19 PM.png

The one who listens to their intuition.
The one who acts on their best intentions.
The one who creates success, by being themselves.

That is YOU
You know how I know?

Because we are all capable of this.
Every single one of us.

every one.


I want you to remember that..

that you are a gift

that life is a gift

that we are meant to be human

that the universe has your back

that you can literally do ANYTHING

and that laughing is the best medicine


Now let me ask you this:

Are you ready to take your steps towards

unleashing your greatness?

Because it is time.

Yes, we get intense-ional.

We go deep.

We go super deep, together.
And I am here with you, every step of the way.

sitting in the space together

it's you and me

For guidance,
For reassurance,
For giggles and laughs when you need it.

We discover your strengths, and understand and accept your feelings.
We use goal setting to achieve your best results in life.
We find what truly moves you, what truly makes you the happiest you.