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My Philosophy

Our lives, and all of the things that happen to us - are for us.

There are ways for us to feel alive - to experience all of the bad and the good that being a human being has to offer.  It helps us to distinguish between it all, and decide which space we want to live in. This knowledge that we gain from our experiences, translates to an ultimate understanding for the world around us - including : educational knowledge, situational knowledge, emotional knowledge, and our connection to it all. To the Universe.

There are so many incredible things that are taking place every day - from the infinite and never-ending waves of the ocean, to the chirp of the birds that fly over head, to the simple smile that someone gave you walking past you on the sidewalk. These things are an energy exchange, a flow, and a power that ignites emotions, feeling, and inspiration in us as humans.

We are all connected in so many ways we have yet to realize. I believe that learning each and every day is extremely important in helping us to better perceive, and understand the incredible power we are given as human beings. And in order to follow the philosophies on life that we should believe, we need to first connect to our intuitive abilities.


With intuition, comes an un-biased knowing of what holds true for you. What religion, what teaching, what concept, will stay with you and help to shape the tapestry of your life.


My past life..

Lindsay Rice, Race Car Driver

For the better part of the years 2011-2019, I was heavily involved in the automotive industry and I personally ran a race team and I raced cars across the USA and Canada.

It crept up on me like I never knew it could - I love cars, I want to learn more about them .. and oh, wow I definitely love going fast. How do I do more of that?

Following this feeling, I went to Automotive Business school and subsequently went to the track to see how I could get involved in any way.  After that day, I volunteered with the race track, with a race series and then with a race team. Within two years I was put into a car and gridding up for my first ever race.

Racing cars was one of the things in my life I knew I had to try. I had to see if I could go somewhere with this beautiful sport. It kept knocking on my door and visiting me in my sleep. So I did it, I explored this thing that was trying so hard to get my attention.

This was all part of my incredible journey. I speak all about my learnings here in my article about my racing life and how it forever changed me.

The state of the world in 2020 put my racing on hold - and my need to go inwards supported that in a big way. I have expanded in ways now that I don't think I ever could have without my racing story - and I do hope that one day (soon) I get strap myself back into a car. But for now, I'm following my heart and my intuition to see where that takes me.

I  have always been a healer and a helper. It comes so naturally to me to give life advice to friends and family - so here I am. Naturally.


Lindsay Rice, #18

It is my why..

Learn through me.

My story is made to show certain people certain things - just like yours is. There is this amazing way that we can relate to each other, and understand each other through our stories. 


To show them yes, you can do absolutely anything you want to do - and yes, it can be hard, and yes, sometimes what you want to do doesn't pan out to be everything as you planned - but you tried and you lived and you felt into it.

I am proof that your purpose will always find you.

I have always been intuitive, I have always been strong-willed, I have always been there as a leaning shoulder for everyone I know - even for strangers I walk up to at the park.

I am a healer. But I am also a sister, daughter, girlfriend, race car driver, boss, leader, writer, philanthropist, girl, lover, feeler, intuitive, friend, confidante..

..and I can be an architect, a marine biologist,  a boat captain, a mother, a creative mind, a lawyer, a designer, or anything my heart desires. Just like you can.

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